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Your body is only as strong as your mind! We've raised the bar adding mindset training and a plant based meal plan.



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I’m Justin Shaw, The Ab Artist. In 5 weeks your life will start changing. The entire program is 15 weeks to ensure your mind and body go to another level.

What is The Abs On The Way Program?

  •  Time: Save time with 15 minute workouts 
  •  Results: Life changing results in only 15 weeks 
  • On Demand: 24/7 access so you can train whenever you want

There is so much more to fitness than training and eating right!

This program actually focuses on your mindset, your nutrition and your training.

You Get!

15 Week Meal Plan (Plant) - $300

15 Week Mental Training - $1500

15 Week Ab Program - $2,025

Your cost - 1st Week Free


7 Day Free Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need for this program?

Absolutely none! 

How long does each workout take?
Each workout is 15 minutes and there is no break.
Can I really get abs with this program?
Absolutely! Your abs only need tension & heart rate! 
Is this just sit ups & crunches?
Absolutely NOT! This program uses 4 key phases!


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